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Parents are required to contact the school every day for any absence other than holiday. Council policy is that we will contact a parent if a child is absent and no communication has been forthcoming from the parent. We may do this by phone or text message.



School Attendance


Parents/carers are responsible for ensuring that their children attend school regularly and arrive on time.  They are also responsible for ensuring the safety of their children on their journeys to and from school. 


Regular and punctual attendance is linked closely to achievement and school staff wish to work with parents/carers to ensure that children can reach their full potential.  The school is required by law to maintain an accurate record of the attendance and absence of each pupil and parents/carers are requested to assist in this process by keeping the school informed if their child is to be absent for any reason.


It is important to note that if a child does not arrive at school and there is no reasonable explanation provided for his/her absence then members of staff will be required to ascertain the whereabouts and safety of the individual child.  In order to avoid causing unnecessary concern for staff and parents/carers, the importance of good communication between home and school cannot be over-emphasised.


Planned Absence

  • Parents/carers are encouraged not to arrange family holidays during term time but it is realised that, in exceptional circumstances, this is unavoidable.  In such cases, parents/carers are asked to seek permission from the Head Teacher and provide information of the dates when the child is to be absent from the school in good time.


  • Except in cases of emergency, planned appointments for children to attend the dentist or doctor should be made outwith the school day.


Parent/Carer Contact Details

Parents/carers are asked to ensure that telephone contact numbers – home, work and emergency contact(s) are kept up-to-date and are numbers at which a response can be obtained in all normal circumstances.

Updated: 04/2024

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