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Road Safety


The roads around the school can become dangerous places especially during the school run when the volume of traffic in the vicinity increases.  Please reduce your speed and pay special attention to children waiting to cross the road.  In poor weather, and during the dark winter mornings and evenings, please be extra careful when driving around the school as visibility is much reduced.




Children’s safety is paramount, both those being transported by vehicle and those children travelling on foot.  Parking irresponsibly and inconsiderately not only cause inconvenience to local residents but also jeopardise the safety of children.  Therefore, please observe the following:


There should be NO parking or stopping by cars:


  • in the bus bay

  • on yellow ‘SCHOOL-KEEP-CLEAR’ and zig-zag markings: these areas need to be kept clear, as it is the busiest entrance to the school and any parked cars can obscure sightlines for both drivers and pedestrians

  • in the Community Education Centre car park

  • in Stewart Road near the yellow box or back gate of the school.

  • by the dropped kerb on the corner of Smith Drive.

Any parking or stopping in these areas causes too much traffic to gather in a small area and, consequently, the visibility of children is dangerously reduced.  Parking or stopping on Smith Drive should only be on one side of the road so that emergency vehicles can pass. The recommended dropping off point is on Stewart Green.


Please do not use the Nursery Car Park as a parking, dropping off or collection point for Castlehill children.


Let us all work together to make the school entrance a safer place to be!

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