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May 2024

Welcome to our May Newsletter. As always, we will issue separate additional information about these or new events, or amendments, where appropriate usually via Groupcall emails/messages. Please visit our Facebook page for regular updates about school news.

You can contact the school ( , 01586-553446) or myself ( ) about any matter or if you need any further information. If you would like to contact your child’s class teacher, please do so through the school or myself.

Richard Long, Head Teacher

Learning Centre

We are looking forward to the establishment of a Learning Centre in Castlehill. The Learning Centre will provide enhanced support for primary aged children with complex Additional Support Needs and is scheduled to open shortly after the start of term in August 2024. The facility will consist of a main Learning Centre room with sensory spaces, a Life Skills room and access to an outdoor space. Work on the identified spaces in the school will begin soon. The Learning Centre will be a very welcome addition to the provision for Additional Support Needs in South Kintyre and to our inclusive provision at Castlehill. If you would like further information, please contact Mr Long.

School Lunches – iPayimpact

A reminder that it is always helpful if you can complete the orders for your child’s school meals in advance to be sure that they are aware of the meals for each day.

P7 Health Screening

Catherine McTaggart, School Nurse has recently confirmed that P7 Health Screening will take place on Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th May.

Partnership Working and Wider Achievement

Looking at the Diary Dates for the remainder of the term, we are very grateful for the input we are receiving from partners in the local and wider community. We have a number of great opportunities lined up for children.


We have an exciting opportunity for P6 and P7 to take part in a Space Workshop and hopefully see three rockets being launched, weather permitting, at the MACC Base on Wednesday 30th May. This event is being jointly provided by MACC Developments and the Council’s Digital Learning Team. For P7s this session will contribute to the Young STEM Leader scheme that they have been involved in this year.


Lindsay Ramsay, Active Schools Coordinator, has arranged Tag Rugby sessions and a festival for schools in the South Kintyre area. Our P6s and P7s will be taking part. Lindsay is also organising the Baldy and Millennium Football Tournaments (for P5 to P7) at the All Weather Pitch on 30th May and 6th June respectively.

Mission Aviation Fellowship will be holding their exhibition in the Kirk Street Hall from Thursday 30th May to Saturday 1st June, with our P4 to P7 pupils having time to visit with their classes on Thursday and Friday and the exhibition being open to the public on Saturday 1st June from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm.

We have been lucky, along with Campbeltown Grammar, and Gigha and Rhunahaorine Primaries to have been involved in the AfRIS (Astronomy for Remote and Island Schools) Project, which has meant a visiting tutor has provided very interesting P5-7 STEM Club sessions, coordinated by Mrs McShannon.

We have been busy liaising with Campbeltown Grammar and with Campeltown and Aquilibrium ELCs to support transition into school at P1 and out of school at P7. P7s have a busy time this term with a CGS Transition Trip to Dunaverty with other local schools on Wednesday 22nd and with their three CGS transition days from Tuesday 11th June. ELC pupils have started weekly visits to us on Wednesday morning leading up to a Healthy Me Morning on Wednesday 12th June. We are also planning for them to have a lunchtime visit and for ELC parents to be able to visit for another Stay and Play session on Monday 3rd June.


Our Music Tutors continue to provide chanter, woodwind, drumming and brass tuition, and Campbeltown Brass have been able to provide additional brass tuition this year.


The Campbeltown Malts Festival have invited our choir along with Dalintober and other local groups to perform. Ms Brodie has been leading the choir this term and will be taking the choir to perform at the festival at 2.15 pm on Thursday 23rd May. Details will be issued separately for choir members.


Maintaining the level of activities required for our Sport Scotland Gold Award, Mrs McSporran and the teachers have continued to provide a range of sports clubs. Miss Barbour recently led a P5 Basketball lunchtime club, while Mrs McSporran is leading Virtual Games lunchtime clubs for P2/1, and P2 and P3 this term as well as organising a whole school Virtual Games event and a whole school Mini-Olympics, for which more details will follow. Within school, some of our P6 and P7 pupils have been doing an excellent job of training P1 and P2 pupils in football skills in our playground for an upcoming mini Euros Tournament in school.


Well done to all of the children for their performances and sportsmanship in Sports Day. A big thank you to Mrs McSporran and Mrs MacKay for taking the leading roles in organising the day, and thank you to all the parents and families that came along to support your children.


The Drama Club have been busy with Mrs Cairns rehearsing and preparing for an evening performance they will be giving on Wednesday 19th June at 7.00 pm. Again, details of this will follow separately.

During the 22/23 and 23/24 sessions we have enhanced our range of learning activities thanks to the work of our support staff; Miss McMillan and Mrs Blackstock in running our Lego Clubs and Mrs Barbour and Mrs McCallum running our Seasons for Growth clubs. We have also been able recently to invite Huggy the pony from Hugs of Argyll, to meet some of our children. Huggy has been a very popular visitor!

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