December 2020

We will be issuing a separate letter to let you know what activities are happening in school for children in the build-up to Christmas. We are having to adapt events, but still want to make sure the children are enjoying this time. In this letter I will update you on other information.

Last Day of Term

The last day of term is Wednesday23rd December. In line with our decision last year to change the timing of the end of the school day for the last days of this term and the Spring Term, school will close at 2.30 pm. We will aim for the classes to come to the Front Playground as follows:

  • P1 classes from 2.20 pm

  • P2, P3 and P4/3 classes from 2.25 pm

  • P5/4, P6/5, P6 and P7 from 2.30 pm.

There will not be a church service on the last day in view of covid arrangements.

Co-op Community Funding

The Co-op Community Fund provided us with the amazing total of £5325. We are beginning to use this to buy resources to support Science, Technology and Maths class activities and are looking further at how we can enhance our these and other learning areas.

Friends Funding

We are also very grateful to the Friends of Castlehill who have donated money from fundraising for playground resources and P1 and P2 role-play resources, as well as providing a bank of spare clothes.

Into Film

Just to clarify a question that has arisen about the cinema, we are hoping to be able to take up Into Film’s offer of providing a film screening for pupils next term, in the same way as Dalintober have this term.

If you do have any questions on any matter, please do not hesitate to contact me. Please also look out for out for our other letter which will give more specific information about Christmas activities.

We are all very grateful for your support this term and hope that you and your families all have a very good and safe Christmas.

Kind Regards

Richard Long

Head Teacher

Next Term

School re-opens for staff and pupils on Thursday 7th January.

School Lunches

We are going to provide a second option for school meals from the start of next term. We will give you more information and the menu separately.

Lunches will continue to be served in classrooms. I would like to thank the teaching staff who have given up time at lunchtimes to provide additional supervision and the support staff for their flexibility in making lunchtimes work. The children seem to us to have enjoyed this period of eating in the classrooms, and it ensures we keep class groups safely together.

We will continue the arrangement for payment to be made either daily or weekly. We have looked into an online payment system but feel that it is not something that we could currently operate in a primary the size of Castlehill, given certain significant differences in the system for primary schools compared to the system for secondary schools.

Digital Learning

We are ensuring that every family has digital access to Seesaw and Google Classroom, and to support home learning in general. Engagement in Seesaw and Google Classroom is very high. If you are having any difficulty accessing either of them, please contact the school or myself, , so that we can help.

The Scottish Government has provided school with some additional resources to support the use of devices and connectivity, so please do not hesitate to contact us if you need support for your child’s digital learning.

Our new interactive class screens are in place in each class and are providing a great new digital resource. In addition we have purchased a new batch of iPads to support learning.